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Twilk Team made it really easy to create twitter backgrounds featuring all your followers in less than 5 minutes. A twitter profile that looks creative are more likely to gain more followersYou never know your twitter profile may feature in some of the top blogs on the internet as well.In fact in this post you would see the most easiest way to create a twitter background which display all your followers pics in a form of a collage. Twilk automatically creates picture collages that actually fit your twitter profile in just a few mouse clicks

Free Custom Twitter template -collage

What do we need?
Photoshop… Nah !!!. I don’t even know how to use it efficiently.So lets use the very basic windows tool. 

  • Microsoft Paint – Available on all windows Computers
  • Twilk              – To Create Photo Collage
  •        – To check your twitter background on all resolutions
Steps You Need to Follow
  • Go to Twilk ,click on start and authorize the app using twitter
  • Select the free option and continue (People who wish to purchase go for the paid option) Benefits of paid version – a) Get rid of the Advertisement  (b)Background image auto-updates daily (c) custom logo  (d)Add and removeindividual avatars
  • Select the settings that you like and then click on “Preview these settings
  • Right click on the displayed image and save it on your computer
  • Open the image using MS Paint and save it or edit it as per your convenience.
  • Go to your twitter profile and click on edit profile
  • Find Design on the left and then upload the saved image and click on save changes
  • Check your Twitter Profile on All resolutions using
Bingo! Your new twitter background goes live instantly. Check out pcpedia on twitter – LIVE DEMO . Don’t forget to follow pcpedia on twitter.  

Video Tutorial:


Feel free to post your comments and let us know more interesting ways to create free twitter backgrounds.