Nowadays there are endless opportunities to earn money online.People get money for creating profiles,creating emails ids,joining fan page,tweeting,bookmarking etc. So there are plenty of ways but its always essential to find the ones that really pay you. I had previously written an article about cashle which pays $1 per friend you refer from USA ,UK .I also earned quite a bit of money.I could have earned more if i had more USA or UK friends.

The method I’m going to mention would be extremely useful for forum addicts.Those who love posting in forums and engaging in discussions.other who have not joined  any forum ,join now as you  can earn money for posting in forums.

There is a site called Postloop that has come up with an innovative idea where people can earn money by posting in forums and forum admins can get many new members. They keep a track of the forums you have joined. Ofcourse there is a list of forums from which you can join but before subscribing to any forum make sure you register in the forum first.

The first thing you have to do is Register at . Then directly head over to postloop portal where you have to post minimum 10 quality posts. Make sure you post replies which are relevant without much Grammatical mistakes.Once you complete 10 posts it will be automatically submitted for review and you will get a reply in 24 hours to know whether you are eligible to participate. Once you pass the test, you can subscribe to any forum from their list and start earning.

You can withdraw money once you accumulate 100 the number of points i have earned.

I got 157.37 points in just one day. The key is to join forum with more points and post quality posts.So don’t you think its a way to get some extra cash? Please post in your comments on the same.