Start Making money from your vimeo videos


Start Making Money From Your Online Videos with Vimeo

Vimeo has grown in popularity and now has a solid reputation as one of the largest creative video sharing networks, reaching a global audience of more than 75 million visitors. Over the years it has proved a great way for struggling and established video creatives to upload their work and perhaps as a result being commissioned for further work. However, many creative uploads don’t get any recognition for the blood, sweat and tears shed in their work. Unlike Kickstarter which enables the project owner to gather funds before any work is commenced, Vimeo has relied on finished pieces of work being uploaded which are often funded by the uploader themselves.


Everybody Getting “Tipsy”

However, this is set to change slightly with the introduction of Vimeo’s ‘Tip Jar’ system. Already this can be seen on a number of other websites, such as which lets customers, if they’re uber happy with the work, send extra money for completed work. Vimeo’s tip jar enables viewers to show their appreciation and enthusiasm for a moviemaker’s film or video by voluntarily contributing money to support their work. Once the user tips a content creator, it will be transferred to their account via Paypal, minus the 15% commission Vimeo takes.


There are a few restrictions on the tip system on Vimeo. Users cannot accept tips on commercial or political videos. Nor will they allow users to accept donations for a political campaign/cause or as payment for goods or services.


Another Way To Get Cash Money: Pay-To-View Service

Vimeo are not stopping here either, but also opening up another channel of monetization for film makers, Pay-to-View. This is rather self-explanatory, and allows the video owner to license the video to clients. It operates on the same level as traditional video-on-demand models, but allows the content creator to select pricing, rental duration and distribution etc.


The Pay-to-View service is currently in beta testing, and Vimeo are encouraging users with awesome videos to get in contact if they want to take part. It’s expected this service will be launched in 2013, and you will have to become a PRO member to access it. This latest announcement from Vimeo marks a series of steps of developments for the creative online video sharing giant, teaming up with cloud storage giant Dropbox earlier on in the year.


Guest Post from Dragonfly Digital Video Services