A Facebook  user like me loves to share photos and to download beautiful images to the Hard drive. But saving an Entire album is a time consuming task.Facebook does not have this option to download an entire album.But now this can be easily done using Facepad .its a Firefox addon. Download an entire album with a right click .All you have to do is right click on the album and select “Download Album with FacePAD”.


FacePAD app


  • Download facebook pictures on to your Hard drive.
  • Backup Your Facebook Pictures
  • Very Simple  and easy to Install and use
  • No registration  yippee!!


  • Download Entire albums quickly and easily                                                                                                         
  • No Registration                                                                  
  • Easy to install and use
Download : FacePad addon for Firefox

Note: I have only found a Firefox extension,works perfectly for Firefox