Mother’s Day is coming and you want to buy her a new phone. Your wireless carrier offers many great devices, but the key is getting something great for your mom’s unique interests. These are the five best phones that you can choose from this year’s top lineup. They are all powerful, reliable and great for any mother.


iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is largely considered a status symbol that anyone is sure to appreciate. Not only does this phone proudly carry the elite tradition of past iPhones, but it comes with a larger screen and better battery life. This device is also faster because it can connect to 4G LTE networks, which means that your mom can easily stream her favorite shows without any lags. She’s also sure to love the Siri program for its convenience.


Samsung Galaxy S4

If your mom loves technology, then she will adore the new Samsung Galaxy S4. The S3 was considered revolutionary, and the new model is even better. It comes with a massive 5-inch display that’s great for shows and movies, a battery that supplies 15 hours of talk time and an amazing 1.9GHz quad-core processor. This device is also one of the first to be equipped with the Android 4.2 OS, which allows your mom to easily customize the phone to her liking.



This device is similar to the Galaxy S4 in terms of power, but it’s eco-friendly and more affordable. The 1.7GHz quad-core processor delivers amazing performance while the battery allows your mom to talk for 19 hours without having to put the device down. The HTC One also comes with Zoe, your personal camera assistant. She will help your mom take great photos and videos. This is a smartphone any mom would be proud to carry.




Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Many people either love or hate larger devices. If your mom would love a small tablet or a large smartphone, then the Galaxy Note 2 is perfect. It’s 5.5-inch display combines the best of both devices and it makes it much easier to watch movies and read books. Not only that, but the Galaxy Note 2 come with an S Pen that enables her to draw beautiful pictures, efficiently type messages and use apps with ease. If your mom likes using her phone for media consumption, then this is the perfect device for her needs.


Kyocera DuraCore

If your mom isn’t the type to use smartphones, then the best feature phone is definitely the Kyocera DuraCore. Not only is this device durable enough to pass the military’s standards, but it also has 3G connectivity and the Sprint Direct Connect feature. While the device is meant to be rugged, it has a streamlined design that any mom will appreciate. Whether hiking in the forest or busy at work, this phone is great any mom.





While most moms aren’t very picky when it comes to mobile phones, it’s still good to get a device that matches her wants and needs. These five phones cover the whole spectrum of usage from powerful smartphones to reliable feature phones. You are sure to find the right phone for your mom from this list.