Blog traffic tends to go down when you are not posting new content. If during a two-week vacation you publish no new posts on your blog, you might even lose some followers, for after all, readers have the option to choose from the millions of blogs around.

Tips On Keeping Your Blog Updated While You're on Vacation

Here are some tips on how to avoid traffic loss to your blog while you’re on vacation, or at least how to minimize it, and make sure that when you return your followers will still be there.

  • Schedule new posts in advance – Blogging platforms like WordPress let you schedule a draft post weeks and even months in advance. Note that for blogs, posts don’t get published at the exact hour you scheduled them, but rather when the first visitor hits your site – the delay should not be longer than a few minutes, provided that your website has many daily visitors.
  • Republish old posts – With WordPress you can republish old posts while you are away, without losing the likes or comments your readers have left on them in the past. When republishing posts, choose the ones that provide the best value for your readers, those that have been the most popular. Also, make sure you add a short note before a republished post, explaining why you are republishing it.
  • Feature old posts – Many blog themes let you ‘Feature’ one or more of your older posts, making them appear on top of your latest posts. Featuring posts is less conspicuous than republishing posts, but it can be just as effective. Note though that your followers will not get a RSS notification when you feature a post, because you are not actually republishing it, but only making it appear as if it were recent.
  • Invite guest posters to publish while you are away – Getting guest posters to keep your blog alive while you are on vacation shouldn’t be hard if you have many followers. Even if your blog is new and not that popular yet, you can still ask some of your fellow bloggers for short guest posts. Don’t forget though that guest posts need to be relevant to your niche, and of good quality.
  • Publish new posts from the beach – A vacation might be all about taking a break and escaping your daily routine, but there’s no harm in continuing to post while on vacation, not when you love blogging so much that it feels like vacationing. You don’t have to post your usual stuff – small personal updates will do. You can add photos and talk about your adventures, to add a personal touch to your blog.

In addition, you might also consider these options, although these are harder to pull off, or not as effective as the above:

  • Let a friend manage your blog while you are away, and have him or her repost and share blog posts and other content from other websites or your own blog.
  • Schedule a contest just before leaving on vacation, and don’t give away the winners until you return.
  • Plan a giveaway every few days while you are away, so that your followers will keep checking your blog even if no new content is posted.
  • Publish before you leave a series of posts that are longer than those you normally publish, to give readers plenty of content to keep them engaged.
  • Write some guest posts and have them featured on other blogs while you are away, so new visitors will discover your blog.

In the end, remember that even if you cannot update your blog while on vacation, it pays off to tell your followers why you can’t do it. Most of them will understand and still be there when you return. But if you just drop off the radar, well, it could be bad for your blog.

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Author Bio:
This guest post has been contributed by Daniel Guidotti. Daniel is a full-time blogger and has written for websites like Cap Credit, PFHub and NY times.