Technology has really taken a swing for the “wow” over the past few years. There is constantly a new gadget coming to the world of consumers and some are just jaw-droppingly cool. Some would argue that some technology is only as popular as the big companies make it to be; an example being Apple and the hype that surrounds the big corporation. The way I see it, consumers will like what they like and that’s the end of it.

As a gadget consumer myself, I am an Apple lover, but this is because I tried out the products and have loved them all. Have I tried out the other devices from other companies? Yes. Did I still choose Apple? Yes. But I am just one in the sea of technology consumers out there, and there are plenty more opinions.

So what does bigger or smaller have to do with being better?

Well, even as an Apple lover, I have a problem with the way the company has been updating and releasing their products since the iPad came out in 2010. And what I mean is, they are taking a product they already have, adding MAYBE one or two features to it that are worth mentioning, and subsequently releasing it.

Why is that a problem? Because the hype is making people—who don’t need another device or to spend another $4-500 on a device—feel that the latest and greatest is being released, and they need it now!

I know plenty of people who bought the iPad 2 just because they had the first one AND THEN bought the New iPad (which is the third in the generation and had no name to match), again, just because. It is strictly my opinion that I think if a company is going to release a “new” product or a “new” generation…there truly needs to be something really NEW about. Not, oh we added a camera on the front and made the body slimmer.

Are those big deals to some consumers? Of course! But here’s the real issue…

Apple is in the process of releasing another iPad and another iPod Touch. What is the difference? The iPad mini will have a smaller screen (7.85 inches instead of 9.7 inches) and the iPod Touch will have a bigger screen (estimated to be 4 inches like the new iPhone 5 that is coming out in September instead of the current 3.5 inches).

So, let me understand what is happening. The tablet is sold on the big, beautiful screen…but now we are taking the big, beautiful screen and making it smaller to be MORE compact? And then we are taking the small, handheld device and making it match the screen of the phone version. Doesn’t that mean the only difference between the devices will be the ability to make phone calls?

Of course, there will be many that buy these new devices, and I know I will take a gander on my own, but I will definitely still be skeptical of needing these devices especially with the ones that are released already are doing their jobs quite nicely as they are. I just don’t like to feel that a company is adding another piece to their lineup because they care about the consumer and feel we need it, but instead want to continue using the “I’ll buy whatever they sell” hype-mentality to make more money.

So, in the end, I guess bigger or smaller, “better” is all about the consumer.