Introducing Norton Zone

Using Norton Zone you get instant access to all your important files on the go. Log in to any of the devices( Mobile,tablet, Desktop) in which Norton Zone is installed and get instant access where at any time.Any file that is dropped in the Norton Zone folder gets automatically synchronized across devices.You can also share anything and everything with the people you care about using Norton Zone

norton zone

Share Safely

Once the file is upload on the cloud you have the option to share it using a link. You can share links manually or directly post on faceook or via email.

It depends on to limit the number of download or even set an expiry date to the link.


norton zone sharing options


Send Large Files Through Email

Once you create a link, just copy-paste it in the email allowing the other person to download the file with ease. Each file is scanned for viruses before the download begins


Your data is encrypted and therefore its safe. Data centers are managed by Norton itself hence there is no need to be worried about.

A Piece of Advise

Don’t share files which has virus or malware as Norton Zone automatically scans every files before its downloaded.


How to use Norton Zone?


  • Once downloaded, Install it on your computer
  • Create an account on the website and start uploading . (Locate the Zone icon in the system tray of your taskbar and open your Zone folder.)

 Norton Zone - Download for Windows 2013-05-04 20-55-41


Norton Zone is a killer service when compared to Dropbox.Apart from the security advantage of Norton,I believe Mediafire is a better than Norton Zone and Dropbox. What do you think?