Trouble setting up your new Netgear modem.One of my friend in Australia got a Netgear modem from Optus (Internet service provider).He called me up to get some information on the setup. Then I thought why not write a post on the same.



Steps you need to follow


  • First of all connect your Netgear modem to the computer with the Ethernet cable ( mostly yellow in color).
  • If you are using a computer with windows operating system then click on start button —>All Programs –>Accessories —> Command Prompt
  • Type in ipconfig and find the default gateway address
  • Open the Internet explorer or any browser and in the address bar type in the default gateway address. (It can be or or
  • Now if you let a dialog box asking for username and password
  • Type username: admin ; password: password
  • Click on Basic Settings on the left hand side


  1. Encapsulation : PPPoE ( PPP over Ethernet)
  2. Login : (Your complete Optus Username example: and type in the password that you got from Optus
  3. NAT – Enable
  4. Click on Apply


  • Now go to ADSL Settings
  1. Multiplexing method : LLC – Based
  2. VPI : 8
  3. VCI : 35
  4. DSL Mode – Auto


Click on Apply and it will update the settings   

Connect to the Internet and enjoy !
I will cover the wireless settings in my next blog post. I hope it was useful for everyone. This is the only way to update the Netgear modem.Its not only for Optus customers.Its similar for all ISP just the login and password info differs