LED TVs are increasingly becoming popular due to its energy efficiency and awesome picture quality. These full HDTVs offers high quality picture and longer lifespans if used properly.  A simple tip is to install a high quality and reliable voltage stabilizer to increase your TVs lifespan.  To enjoy watching sports or movies, your TV should be positioned at a perfect viewing angle. This may not be possible due to lack of space, big furniture’s or other disturbances.  The only way to solve this problem is to mount TV on the wall . It not only frees up a lot of space but also offers a better viewing angle.

Mounting a TV may seem daunting to some but some of the best ready made TV Wall Mounts will make your job a lot easier.  If you wish to do it the old school way then you better make some preparations.

Things you will need:


Your first task is to find the studs running vertically on the wall. You can use a stud finder but if your wall are of plaster then the stud finder will be useless. In that case, drill small holes until you find the stud. Don’t worry, all those small holes will be hidden after you mount the LED TV.  Please take a look at the below image, It will give you an idea about the setup.  In my case, I directly drilled holes on the wall as its made of brick and cement.

DIY Wodden Corner mount

After you correctly install the wooden frame, attach a standard TV bracket to the frame.  The TV manufactures usually provide it along with the TV. Install the other part of the bracket to the back of your TV.

wall mount tv

Finally, Place the TV correctly on the installed bracket and that’s it.  It will look super cool and save a lot of space.  Sorry, that I couldn’t go into the details due to lack of time. But the pictures would give you a fair amount of idea. Its been around 8-10 months and still my wooden frame stands strong and I am sure it will last for a lifetime.

Mounted TV

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