Though cloud computing is considered safe for sharing crucial information, some risks and business security issues may intrude. Every secured network can be broken by an expert hacker or inside attacker. Indeed, newer security challenges are making their way as cloud computing enables access to dependable and supportive business technology. Among many, some of major business security issues that may cause concern in 2014 are mentioned below.

Data Breach

An unauthorized access to confidential business information calls for Data Breach concerns. Taken to be a high-end risk to potential information sharers, data breach can occur because of inefficient designing of cloud network. Due to improper designing, an error in one’s application could pave way for a malicious attacker to gain access, not just to one person’s confidential information but to all the tenants sharing data. This can really be a serious business security issue.

Data Loss

Another issue that challenges cloud computing security is permanent Data Loss, which can take place because of any inside attacker or accidental deleting of information by the cloud service provider. This mandates for all the tenants to have a backup of all the information shared on cloud computing network.

Denial of Service:

One of the most reported business securitythreats to the cloud computing is Denial of Service attack that restricts the cloud users to access their own set of information as well as applications used or shared. Not just affecting the cloud users, Denial of Service also distresses the overall speed of cloud network by forcing it to perform slowly thus leading to decreased productivity.

In order to take maximum benefit of Cloud Computing, it is essential to have highly qualitative security protocols and take timely backup of the shared information. This avoids any major loss due to these malicious security threats and thus ensures your business security.

Also do take a look into the threats presented in the full infographic below.

how secure is your cloud