Windows 8 apps


For those who were worried about falling behind in the app game with Windows 8, there is little reason to be concerned anymore. After a deal announced today between BlueStacks, a software developer, and chip maker AMD, half a million Android apps will now be available on the Windows 8 operating system.

This will be a big help for attracting prospective users to Windows 8, who according to BBC News only had a handful of apps that were specifically designed for Windows 8.


Thank the AppZone Player

The apps will be available on all Windows 8 devices thanks to the AMD AppZone Player, which allows an extensive optimization beyond just the BlueStacks software that was originally allowed. The AppZone is an extremely large collection of Android apps once thought only applicable to the appropriate operating system.

This expansion is going to mean a big change for both the Android and Windows 8 markets, and the options will now be more extensive for those who wish to stick with Android apps.

BBC goes on to explain that the AppZone player includes a code that “wraps” around programs so that all types of devices can run on the apps instead of the limited selection. This will allow for a smooth transition on Windows 8 for Android apps, and the interaction should be smooth.


Availability on Future Machines

Several sources including Wired are also reporting that both AMD and BlueStacks are talking with PC makers so that AppZone will already be on future machines without having to manually acquire it. The Android apps will be compatible on PC and simply be treated with keyboard and mouse.

There was previously a big void between Windows 8 and Apple in terms of app availability, and Apple’s apps would have certainly crushed the meager selection from Microsoft if it weren’t for this new deal. The only one’s who might lose in the set up are Microsoft Windows 8 developers, since there will not likely be much of a demand for their apps when there are already 500,000 to choose from in the Android store.


In the Android and Apple battle however, this will be a big game changer with more devices capable of holding one Android apps.