A book is a man’s philosopher and guide along with being a friend. Books not only give a pleasurable reading experience but also help in taking certain decisions. Seth Godin’s books fall in this category. His books have never failed to provide assistance in marketing and related topics to anyone who has read them.

Seth Godin is a famous public speaker and author. He mainly talks about and has written on Marketing and how people perceive it.The Top 10 best books of Seth Godin have been translated in more than 30 languages and are bestsellers. His books have changed the way of how people think about marketing and work. Top 10 books of seth godin

Here are the top 10 best books of Seth Godin

1. Purple cow- Transform your business by being remarkable

This book talks about the best mantra for making your new business a huge success- that is by standing out and being unique. In order to make your business successful it got to be remarkable like a purple cow. This book emphasizes on innovation the most and offers guidance on the same.


2. Tribes

Seth Godin in this book emphasizes on the fact that there are always people who are like minded and want to connect together. These are employees, managers, customers or anybody else. They are connected together and are like a tribe. These tribes have the power to start a revolution to achieve what they want, and the book talks about this.


3. Linchpin- Are you Indispensable?

A Linchpin is something that is used to keep the wheel from sliding off the axle and rotating smoothly. This book talks about how you should be like the linchpin, in short be indispensable, i.e you have to make yourself useful to others. Once you are that, the possibility of you losing your job or suffering a loss in business is nearly impossible. The book offers an insight into being indispensable.


4. Icarus deception: How high will you fly?

The book talks about why it is necessary to treat work as a form of art. By this, the book talks about having the proper attitude to develop those qualities to make work a big success. Finding something in your work which others cannot see is important and this book tells you all about it.


5. Whatcha Gonna do with that duck?

The duck, meaning the business you own is one of your priced possessions. In this book, Seth Godin has helped the reader with ideas of how to handle your customers and spreading ideas that they will believe and get the maximum out of it. The book teaches the readers to think smart, dream big and be more honest.


6. We are all weird

By weird, Seth Godin means having the guts to do whatever somebody feels like.Incorporating the weirdest of ideas into businesses is what it takes to have a successful business, is what this book talks about. All those who are brave enough to take risks which are pretty weird and bold are all those this book caters to.


7. Unleashing the Ideavirus

In any successful marketing, it’s not the marketer at the centre but the customer. Godin put forth the idea that it is the customer to customer talk that leads to successful information spreading and he calls this communication as the Ideavirus.


8. V is for Vulnerable- Life outside the Comfort Zone

This is an ABC book. But this one is for grown up adults wanting to venture out in the field of business and marketing. It says that A is for Anxiety, F is for feedback etc. This book is all about Seth’s 26 principles to treat work as a form of art.


9. Poke the Box

For all those who are scared to initiate something at work, this book will be your bible. It essentially talks about having that kick to start off with something you have wanted to do at a job. This book aims at developing more people with an attitude of ‘I want to start stuffing’.


10. The Dip

When we start off with a new venture, we are all zesty to grasp and give in our best. But as the work pressure increases we start losing interest in the same work which once made us happy. This is the point when we want to ‘Quit’. Seth, in this book has called this point in ‘The Dip’, which is like a valley between current position and long term success. This book talks about how can one be successful even after he decides to take the dip and quit the job.