RegistryBoth my previous posts,”Renaming recycle bin” & “Removing recycle bin from the desktop” had a warning “Backup your registry”.yes! Registry backup is very important especially when you are trying to edit the registry.


A lot of users don’t exactly understand what the Registry is all about and the need for Registry backups.Windows Registry is can be defined as a vault of various settings of windows and other programs.Registry has all the information that programs require.


A Simple mistake in the Registry can stop the windows from loading.this is the most simple reason on the need to take registry backups.Taking backups regularly is a very smart idea.To take a need to open regedit. A simple way to take backups without the help of any third party softwares

  • Go to Start –>Run–>Type Regedit and press enter
  • You will be presented with a two window pane that closely resemble the windows explorer.
  • Now click on File —>Export
  • Give it a name and Browse the location where you want to save the backup and click on save
  • Done ! registry backup in 2 mins 😉

Remember Registry backups are huge.So keep on deleting the older backups when you take new backups this is help you save space.


How to restore backup?

  • Simply find the location where you saved the registry backup
  • Double click on the file. 
  • you will be presented with a dialog box asking you “are you sure to add the data to your registry ” click yes
  • And your registry will be restored instantly