A crappy old browser will make your website or blog look crappy.But the people visiting your website may not be aware that, it’s because of their outdated browser.So what is the solution to make people aware that they are still using the 10 year old Internet explorer 6  or any other old browser.Even Microsoft is on a mission to stop everyone using it .They have launched IE 6 Countdown. Where as IE 6 Death.com has started a real-time countdown  waiting for Internet Explorer to RIP


IE Dead


So everyone wants outdated browsers to die.Yes must stop using them. So why don’t we make our readers aware that they are actually an older version and its time to upgrade.The best way is to automatically detect the version of browser they are using and display a popup message to them.


The below code is developed by DevSlide .The browser detection script is a tiny JS script written in core JavaScript and is compatible with any JS frameworks. The script detects the browser the user is using and displays a friendly suggestion to any one running an old browser



  •  Easy to install, clean, light script
  •  Written in core JS and compatible with any JavaScript framework
  •  Ability to detect browser and operating system
  •  Fully customizable
  •  Nicely styled light box message


System Requirements
  •     A Crappy Old Browser
Automatic outdated browser detection script

Automatic Outdated Browser Detection Script :

  1. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="http://www.devslide.com/public/labs/browser-detection/browser-detection.css" />
  2. <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.devslide.com/public/labs/browser-detection/browser-detection.js">