Portable softwares are very useful especially for people who travel.these portable softwares run from flash drives.The best part about it is that your data and settings are stored on the flashdrive or usb and when you remove the device all your data is safe as no personal data remains
Here is the list of some useful portable applications:
  • Google Hacks Advanced Search Tool: Search filters can be easily used in Google search.but to make our work more easier this portable software will help us search Music,e-books .video,tools,hacks ,proxy,lyrics,applications etc.this tool uses advanced search queries using which you can find the finest and most accurate search results.
  • Sumatra Portable PDF Viewer This portable PDF viewer is a handy tool that is very useful.at times we might want to read a PDF file on a laptop where Adobe reader or similar softwares are not installed.but this portable PDF viewer will do the work for you as it doesn’t require installation.
  • Portable Media Player Classic:Everyone is familiar with media player classic.the portable version looks same like the media player.and also has got many features.you can play all the formats that the standard version does.
  • Last.FM Streaming music downloader: Now you can download streaming songs that you listen on last.fm.This tool is created by run.to/sz .it enables you to record or save the song as mp3 in your desired destination.you need an last.fm account for this.
  • Abiword Portable: Edit your documents on the go using Abiword.Its a lightweight word processor.it supports a variety of formats like Microsoft word, HTML, MS Word 07, XML ,RTF etc
  • Steganos LockNote : It will help you secure your confidential notes.its can easily encrypt and decrypt a note.you can simply drop a text file in LockNote and it will get encrypted
  • Royal RSS Reader This is a very useful piece of software that is for people who love to read.with this software you can read all the content on a website without actually visiting it.but first you will have to add the rss link in the url box.The best part is that you can simply  drop an RSS icon in the software and read the posts.
  • Sisma Password Manager :This software saves all your password in the database.it uses 256bit advanced encryption method to keep your passwords safe
  • File Splitter: Split large size files into smaller chunks.really useful for people carry data in Flash drives. It proved very useful for me as once i had to copy a 4.2 GB file from my friends laptop and i had two pendrives with me a 4 GB and a 2GB.so the file was split accordingly
  • CD Burner XP: You can burn CDs, DVDs, Blu -Ray ,HD- DVDs with the help of CD Burner XP. burn and create iso files,create bootable cd and many more features.what more its a free ware and is portable
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