You already listen to music whilst you workout, so why not get jiggy with your favourite tunes whilst you swim!

The question is: Is it cool and totally innovative or is it just plain crazy?

Check our collection of awesome waterproof accessories that will save your smartphone from drowning. Whether you want to protect your iPod or Android, these quirky underwater gadgets work with multiple devices making sure you’re covered.

For maximum comfort both in and out the water, the Amphibx Fit waterproof Armband is perfect for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone who wants waterproof protection for their smartphone or music device. It’s so comfortable you won’t even know it’s there!
Complete with free waterproof earphones, the Grace Digital Eco Pod is one of the best waterproof cases on the market. Built with a polycarbonate shell, the Eco Pod is not only water resistant but 100% waterproof, and to top it all of it floats! The spacious storage area is perfect for smartphones, cash, drivers licence or even your keys.
For the ultimate in waterproof headphones, look no further than the Surge 2G. Providing you with the best musical experience yet their sleek and stylish design will have you rocking out the pool in no time.
Ever fancies snapping shots of your friends and family underwater? Well now you can with DryCase! This flexible, waterproof, and crystal clear case allows total use of your phone or camera, plus it has an easy to use mini pump for a quick vacuum seal. 



Keep your smartphone and mobile devices safe from water, sand, and dust, with the submersible Aquapac Armband Case. Whether you want to immerse yourself in kayaking, rafting, surfing, or any other activity, this case will ensure your valuables are protected. Also comes with a super strong elastic armband and adjustable neck cord. 
H20 Audio Earwrap
If your headphones have a rather annoying tendency to slip out of place then the H20 Audio Earwrap may be the answer to all your problems. We know it’s not exactly the most flattering of head pieces, but it will certainly get the job done!
For those who need something a little sturdier, the Amphibx Fit Waist Belt is the way to go. The streamline design and exceptional functionality makes this product one of value for extreme sports enthusiasts everywhere. Wear it round your waist for swimming, surfing, jet skiing, whatever your pleasure! 
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