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Update: A Small Orange no longer has an affiliate program.

Best Hosting Affiliate Program Review – A Small Orange


A Small Orange Hosting never ceases to amaze me.  ASO is one such hosting company that really cares about their customers. Their technical support team is experienced and committed to provide excellent support and service. My blog which  is hosted on A Small Orange servers rarely faced downtime, in fact, I don’t even remember the last time my blog was down.  The two state of the art data centers in Detroit and Dallas backed up with Six diesel generators make sure that the servers are live all the time.  These are all the reasons why you can definitely recommend ASO to anyone. The reason I said ASO has the best hosting affiliate program is not only because they are the best hosting provider but also due to their affiliate program features and commission.

Why A Small Orange Has The Best Hosting Affiliate Program

  • They record each and every sale and approve all valid referrals. Check my earnings screenshot
  • They don’t cheat like Hostgator. You will find hundreds of negative reviews on Hostgator’s affiliate program.  But, A Small Orange is different. Take a look at the below screenshot, you will understand what I’m trying to say.

honest affiliate program

  • Excellent support from the affiliate team.  Taylor Barr – Arbiter of Affiliates is an amazing person.
  • They frequently launch promotion campaigns which in turn helps its affiliates.

Less Strict Commission Review/Approval Guidelines

For about 2 years now, A Small Orange  have operated under a 90 day period (which hasn’t changed) and at the end of the 90 days (at the end of the month) they would check the referral for the following criteria:

  • The sale must be for an eligible product
  • The hosting account must have been active for at least 90 days
  • There must be content uploaded to the hosting account
  • The domain being hosted must be utilizing our services and have a functional website (under construction pages or default script installations are not considered valid)

Now the guidelines have been reduced down to just two checks:

  • Customer must not be the same as the affiliate
  • Customer referred must be active after 90 days from when they signed up

Minimum Balance for Getting Paid out? $50.

Changes for the Better! ASO hosting affiliateFor a good while , the default commission balance was set at $300 and could be moved down to $100 in your affiliate dashboard; meaning, you would have to accumulate this amount before getting paid out. Starting September 3, you only have to have $50 in total approved commissions to get paid out. NOTE: You will need to change your minimum commission balance from $300 to $50 in the dashboard by going to My Profile > Payment Details. Once this is done, If your total approved commissions is greater than $50, you will be paid out at the next pay period (the end of each month). Go ahead and try out the best hosting affiliate program you will surely never regret.


Increase your Affiliate Conversions using these simple tips

  • Build Trust. It does take time but its worth it. Once trust is earned you will get sales without questions. Give more value to your readers, help without and they will help you earn money.
  • Commission percentage should not be the sole reason for promoting a product. Know the product better and the best way to know a product is by using it.
  • Promote only those programs which you personally use and believe in. In this case, if you use A Small Orange hosting you  have higher chances of getting more referrals. People will only trust you if you promote products that you use.
  • Generate a coupon code and offer your readers with a discount.
  • Do indirect social media and email promotion. Do not directly link to your affiliate links. Instead, link to your blog post.
  • Stick to one or two affiliate programs instead of promoting


I have tried Hostgator, Bluehost and others who claim to have the best hosting affiliate program, but none of them actually recorded the sales. I felt cheated. There has been instances when my friends purchased a hosting plan  using my affiliate link but the referral never got recorded in their reports. There was no point in inquiring as they would never agree with me.

But, same is not with ASO Hosting.  They carefully record each and every referral. In case they fail to update the referral, you can just email them and state your concern. They will verify the transaction and give you the commission for sure. My friend Jithin faced one such problem and it was resolved after he email A small orange support.

Below is the screenshot of my successful referrals.

A Small Orange affiliate commission screenshot payment proof

Trust me guys nothing beats A small Orange Affiliate program. That’s why I call it as the best hosting affiliate program. I have tried and tested many hosting affiliate programs and A Small Orange stands out from the competition. You won’t regret ever. Go ahead and sign up with the best hosting affiliate program ever.