Access Thunderbird Client on Any Computer Worldwide

Wouldn’t it be great if we can access our personalized Thunderbird Desktop Client from anywhere in the world ? But unfortunately, The main disadvantage of using desktop email clients is that it can be accessed only on one computer.  But, using this simple hack, you can access Thunderbird remotely on any computer. Say goodbye to your email providers webmail and enjoy the power of desktop computing.


How does it work?

To get it working we will setup Thunderbird and run it in our Dropbox folder.  You will simply need to install Dropbox on the computer you want to access your emails. Dropbox will synchronize your files and folders across all the computers.


Once you have downloaded Dropbox install it on your computer. Now download  Portable Thunderbird and run it but, when it asks for installation location please choose a folder inside your Dropbox folder.

How to Install Portable Thunderbird?

Double click on the setup file –> Click on Run –> Click the next button —> Set the installation location inside your Dropbox folder

Thunderbird installation

For example:

Create a folder inside your Dropbox folder.

Thunderbird portable

Now you have installed the required software to access Thunderbird remotely. Just make sure you have Dropbox installed on the computer you are trying to check your emails.

I’m already using Thunderbird desktop version, what do I do?

You can easily move emails from Thunderbird to Portable Thunderbird. Please read the article at Ghacks